Version history of public Bigass versions Edit

Bigassv1,71 (2013-01-05) Edit

The first public version of Bigass. The map was only made to test Falcon tags.

Bigassv1,81 (2013-01-19) Edit

The second public version of Bigass that came out shortly after the first one.

Bigassv2,069 (2013-12-25) Edit

This version had too many scripts and the server crashed with more than 8 players. It also was the only version with an actual secret room. A few minor updates came out after this version that are not listed here.

Bigassv2,072 (2013-12-29) Edit

Removed some scripts from v2,069 to fix crashes.

Bigassv2,104 (2014-09-03) Edit

The most popular version of Bigass with over 120 000 downloads.

Bigass (2015-05-06) Edit

The "final" version of Bigass. It turned out to be rather unpopular, most likely due to the map name that makes players think that v2,104 is a newer version. It also was the only version to have its tagset released.

Bigass_mod4 (2015-08-28) Edit

A test for the new Forge mode and other small things.

Bigassv3 (WIP) Edit

Still in the works. New features are being implemented, some of them will require SAPP's lua scripts.