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All you need to know about hosting Bigass.

It is highly recommended to use SAPP to host Bigass maps. A lot of useful information about SAPP can be found here

Lua scripts Edit

Lua scripts have to be added to "my games\halo ce\sapp\lua" folder and loaded using the following commands inside SAPP's init.txt file:

lua 1

lua_load <script name> (without .lua)

Here is a list of scripts that can be used in Bigass:

Commands and events Edit

TOD Edit

Bigass has a command "set tod <number>" that switches time of day. 0 - day (default), 1 - night and 2 - snow. In the final version of Bigass there is a rare glitch that doesn't switch TOD and it can be fixed by rejoining the server. V2,104 does not have snow mode. TOD automatically switches to 1 on slayer game-type and to 2 on KOTH game-type.

To switch time in specific game-types you need to create an event in events.txt file. Here is an example:

event_start $mode:ctfn 'wait 500;set tod 2' - this will change TOD to snow ONLY on gametype called ctfn. Make sure you wait at least 500 milliseconds before switching TOD or it might not work.

Spawning vehicles Edit

In the final version there are a few vehicles you can simply spawn with "object_create <vehicle name>" command (their names are listed below). If you want to spawn vehicles in other locations, you will need to use SAPP command "spawn vehi <vehicle location> X Y Z rotation".

Vehicles can be spawned on specific game-types only. Here is an example:

event_start $mode:ctfa 'object_create turret1;object_create turret2' - this will spawn Anti-Tank Turrets on ctfa gametype.

Spawning players inside vehicles Edit

Doing this is slightly more complicated. First of all you need to add events to prevent people from leaving vehicles for too long:

event_tick 'var_add out_of_vehicle 3'

event_venter 'var_set out_of_vehicle false $n'

event_vexit 'var_set out_of_vehicle true $n'

event_custom $out_of_vehicle:true $ename:kill_onfoot 'kill $n'

event_vexit $mode:mortargoose_king 'say $n "You have 5 seconds to get back to your vehicle!";w8 5;cevent kill_onfoot $n'

Make sure you change the game-type name to the one you are using. To change the time player has to come back to the vehicle just change "w8 5" part to something else, as well as "say $n "<text>" part.

You might want to add custom spawn points so you wouldn't spawn inside bases and stuff. To do that go in-game and use command "loc add <number>" from 1 to 16, for example "loc add 5".

Now you should remove all default vehicles from the map (unless your game-type already does that). Add the following command in commands.txt:

remove_map_vehicles 'object_destroy_containing hawg;object_destroy_containing rox;object_destroy_containing newhog;object_destroy_containing example; object_destroy_containing scorpion;object_destroy_containing truck;object_destroy_containing spade;object_destroy_containing goose'

And now use the following events to actually spawn the vehicle to the player:

event_start $mode:mortargoose_king 'remove_map_vehicles'

event_spawn $mode:mortargoose_king 't $n $rand;spawn vehi "altis\vehicles\mortargoose\mortargoose" $n; venter $n; nades $n 0;wdel $n 5'

event_die $mode:mortargoose_king 'w8 3;vdel $n'

event_leave $mode:mortargoose_king 'vdel $n'

Replace gametype with your own and change vehicle directory to any other on the list below.

Object directories list Edit

These are for SAPP's events, commands and scripts only. Directories might be different for older versions of the map.

Bipeds: Edit

  • Default - “bourrin\halo reach\spartan\male\mp masterchief”
  • Female - “bourrin\halo reach\spartan\female\female”
  • ODST - “bourrin\halo reach\spartan\male\odst”
  • Marine - “bourrin\halo reach\marine-to-spartan\mp test”

Vehicles: Edit

  • chaingun hog - “bourrin\halo reach\vehicles\warthog\h2 mp_warthog”
  • gauss hog - “bourrin\halo reach\vehicles\warthog\reach gauss hog”
  • rocket hog - “bourrin\halo reach\vehicles\warthog\rocket warthog”
  • snowhog - “vehicles\newhog\newhog mp_warthog”
  • mongoose - “altis\vehicles\mongoose\mongoose”
  • falcon - “vehicles\falcon\falcon”
  • destroyed falcon - “vehicles\falcon_destroyed\falcon_destroyed”
  • scorpion (not recommended to spawn)- “altis\vehicles\scorpion\scorpion”
  • scorpion (spawn this with sapp) - “altis\vehicles\scorpion\scorpion_mp”
  • destroyed scorpion - “altis\vehicles\scorpion_destroyed\scorpion_destroyed”
  • truck - “halo reach\objects\vehicles\human\civilian\military_truck\military truck”
  • desroyed truck - “altis\vehicles\truck_destroyed\truck_destroyed”
  • katyusha truck - “altis\vehicles\truck_katyusha\truck_katyusha”
  • base turret - “halo 4\objects\vehicles\human\turrets\storm_unsc_artillery\unsc_artillery_mp”
  • spade - “altis\vehicles\spade\spade”
  • grackle - “altis\vehicles\grackle\grackle”
  • mortargoose - “altis\vehicles\mortargoose\mortargoose”
  • mortargoose w/o target - “altis\vehicles\mortargoose\mortargoose_no_target”

Weapons: Edit

  • assault rifle - “bourrin\weapons\assault rifle”
  • binoculars - “altis\weapons\binoculars\binoculars”
  • ctf flag - “reach\objects\weapons\multiplayer\flag\flag”
  • dmr - “bourrin\weapons\dmr\dmr”
  • gauss sniper - “weapons\gauss sniper\gauss sniper”
  • m6s(odst pistol) - “halo3\weapons\odst pistol\odst pistol”
  • ma5k - “altis\weapons\br\br”
  • magnum - “reach\objects\weapons\pistol\magnum\magnum”
  • rocket launcher - “bourrin\weapons\badass rocket launcher\bourrinrl”
  • shotgun - “cmt\weapons\human\shotgun\shotgun”
  • sniper rifle - “cmt\weapons\evolved\human\sniper_rifle\sniper_rifle”
  • spartan laser - “halo reach\objects\weapons\support_high\spartan_laser\spartan laser”
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