Binoculars sc

Binoculars is an unusual "weapon" that usually is used for support, supplies or reconnaissance. It can be found at both tents.

While having the highest in-game zoom (16x), it's perfect for reconnaissance.

However, binoculars is mostly used because of its capabilities as a designator. This means that binoculars can be used to designate orbital capsule drop point. At the point of impact, capsules create a large blast radius and can kill or wound a player as well as it can destroy a vehicle.

Capsules contain:

You can do infinite capsule drops, but the "reload" time is one minute. This means that you can play as support for your teammates by resupplying them, o you can simply resupply yourself. Because of infinite resupply abilities, the combination of Gauss Sniper Rifle and binoculars can be used for long, long-range assaults on enemy as well as patrolling the map.

In Bigass V3, the binoculars will also have the ability to designate a vehicle drop point. That means that in about 20 seconds, a Pelican would fly to the designated spot and drop off a vehicle, like a warthog.

While taking up one of two valuable weapon slots and thus limiting the ability to fight directly, the binoculars offer some certainly useful functions that allows some interesting game styles to appear it the game.

The ability to humiliate the enemy by killing him by hitting him with binoculars comes as a bonus.