Battle rifle sc

The Battle Rifle will be introduced in Bigass V3, spawning with all-new Spec-Ops armor.

While being a medium-range weapon similar in function as DMR, its main difference is a fixed maximum fire rate and fire-rate-independent accuracy. This means that the battle rifle is more accurate than DMR at longer ranges, but is less useful at close range.

Paired with different classes of weapons, player can take on several different roles, such as:

  • Long range attack and support, while using a long range secondary, such as Sniper Rifle. This combination, while making you highly capable at medium-to-long range, makes you vulnerable at close range.
  • Direct attack, while using a close range weapon, such as Shotgun, or Assault Rifle as a secondary. This combination allows to make full frontal assault on enemies and is effective in attacking both at close and medium ranges. With this weapon's accuracy and fire rate, it can act as anti-sniper as well.
  • Anti-vehicle support, while using a heavy secondary weapon, such as Spartan Laser. While using this combination, you're equipped to take on any vehicle. However, because Battle Rifle is optimized to work at medium range and heavy weapons don't have a lot of ammo, you could be vulnerable in close range combat.

In principle, battle rifle could be used in combats at all ranges, from short to long. But it would almost always lose against a specialized weapon (Sniper Rifle at long range, Shotgun at short range). So, unless you intend to always play at medium range, you should find a secondary weapon that fits your game style.