“With or without secondary fire, this gun can go 'Rambo' mode and light sh*t up. Need proof? Just look at this latino guy run!”
Assault rifle sc

The Assault Rifle can be found in most Halo games and in many Halo CE maps while varying in configuration, appearance, specification and effectiveness. On Bigass this weapon is highly effective at close-to-mid range and requires relatively little skill to be used effectively and thus it is widely used in the game.

It can be found at both bases' armories and at Rocket Hog spawning point. The gun also usually spawns with Marine armor.

The weapon is fully automatic, firing at high and constant fire rate, while having no recoil. In theory, you could kill two opponents and wound the third one with a single magazine. In practise, at proper range, it usually takes at least one, often more magazines to take down an enemy. Given fast reload time, switching to other weapons often becomes unnecessary.

The largest disadvantage the assault rifle has is its inaccuracy. However, all the bullets fired always stay in the crosshair. That means you're always aware of the distribution of fired bullets. To negate it's inaccuracy, it's a good idea to carry a more accurate secondary weapon, like DMR or Sniper Rifle. This way you'd be able to fight at all ranges, from short to long effectively.

The assault rifle is not very effective against vehicles. Unless the enemy is wounded or his vehicle is damaged, it isn't recommended going to direct combat with this weapon alone. However, using this weapon in tandem with an explosive like a Trip Mine or a heavy secondary weapon like a Rocket Launcher could prove to be highly effective in certain situations.

All in all, the assault rifle is a highly reliable and easy-to-use weapon that can be adapted to many game styles and strategies. It is loved by newbies and veterans alike.